Shooting Stars

3rd March 2023

Prize Pool - 10k

An Online astrophotography event. Astrophotography Exhibition (already clicked images that we will get as submissions will be exhibited during the events).


24-28th Feb 2023

Prize Pool - 14k

A hundred hour hackathon to challenge your astrophysics knowledge and your coding skills. Find solutions by crunching data and extracting insightful info from it.

Messier Marathon

3rd March 2023

Prize Pool - 10k

This is a telescope aided observational event.Participating teams must locate as many messier objects as possible within a given time period.

Infinitesimal Abyss

3rd March 2023

Prize Pool - 10k

A paper presentation event for participants to write down their ideas and thoughts and show it to the world.


3rd - 5th March 2023

Prize Pool - 8k

Observational and Identification Event